We are a small company with big time experience focused on delivering a great product.

We want to be your low cost, quality supplier over the long term.

We know that the LEGAL business is a challenging proposition from a Profit and Loss perspective.

  • Your intake process has to efficient and your funnel has to be filled with quality leads.
  • You don’t have time for bad leads or duplicate leads.
  • You need direct access to an owner and co-founder of your supplier.
  • You don’t wantto interact with people that don’t understand your business.

We have 3 pillars that support our brand:

  1. Solutions based on deeplegal domain knowledge … over 50 years!
  2. Pioneering digital marketing expertise … over 20 years!
  3. Unrivaled business and process acumen.

Our Partners

We develop great relationships, we work extremely hard, and we do whatever it takes to ensure they receive high quality leads.
The Legal Lead Generator that Gets Results. Grow your business faster than ever before by generating more leads.

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8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 700 Cincinnati, OH 45236
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